Resources for Spanish-Speaking Patients

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Resources for Spanish-Speaking Patients

Toma las Reindas (Take the Reins)

By Elizabeth Hanink, RN, BSN, PHN
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The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has launched a new campaign, a nationwide effort to ensure that Hispanics take greater control of their health and explore various treatment options.

Ten organizations are partnering with AHRQ to promote evidenced-based resources for this population group. Among them are the National Hispanic Medical Association, the Latino Student Medical Association, the National Association of Hispanic Elderly, the National Latina Health Network, Telemundo, the National Center for Farmworkers Health and the National Hispanic Council on Aging.

Knowledge = Power

Toma las Reindas (Take the Reins) is the name of the program that now offers more than 20 free Spanish-language publications with information about common conditions such as diabetes, depression, heart disease, cancer, and pregnancy.

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The guidelines are available by clicking here.

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