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Welcome. Here are answers to frequently asked questions. If the answer you need is not here, please email help@WorkingWorld.com and we’ll respond right away.


Do I need to register to apply for a job?

No, you can apply to any job without registering on the site. However, a quick one-time registration — name, email and password — lets you track your job applications, store resumes, participate in the forums, and much more.

Must a company register before placing a job on the site?

Absolutely. Nurses need to know how to apply to your job.

How do I register?
You can register from any area of the site. Simply click the ‘Register’ link in the upper right corner and follow instructions. Registration is a one-time, free, easy process — name, email address and password for job seekers. Companies have a slightly longer registration form because we need more contact information. When returning to the site, simply log in with your email and password.


How do I search for a job?

Fill in the keyword or use the specialty and location pulldown menus. Press 'Search.'

How do I apply for a job?
It’s easy. Do a search, then click the red ‘Learn More’ button. You will be taken to a full job description. Click the ‘Apply’ button and the fields will appear that let you to attach a resume and send an email message to the company recruiter.

Can I save a job and apply later?
Sure. Click the ‘Save Job’ button on the upper right of each job. Then go to ‘My Working Nurse’ and you will see a list of all your saved jobs. Clicking on the title will take you to the job. A word to the wise: Don’t wait too long to apply or your dream job might expire and be gone from the site.

What happens when I send the job to a friend?
After clicking the ‘Send Job to a Friend’ button, a field will open up that lets you enter your friend’s name and email address. That person will receive a link to the job along with any message you wish to include.


Does the site track the jobs I’ve applied to?
Yes. Under the ‘My Working Nurse’ tab, click on ‘Job Application History.’ There you will find a record of each job you’ve applied to, and the date. Clicking on the job title shows the description.

Do I need to be registered to track my applications?

Yes. Otherwise the site doesn’t know who you are. The one-time free registration is simple — name, email, password.

Can I store multiple resumes and cover letters?

Absolutely. Customizing resumes and cover letters is a savvy job search practice. Our site allows you to name each resume and cover letter and store them as needed. This is managed under ‘My Working Nurse.’


Are all the articles from Working Nurse magazine archived online?
Editorial from the most recent issues is available under the ‘Articles Archive’ tab. Keep in mind that the magazine has been published for 11 years so there are hundreds of articles in our back catalogue. They are being added gradually.

How do I search for a past article?
Within the 'Working Nurse Archives’ box on the homepage is a keyword search field that allows you to find the article you want.  

Can I save an article?

Yes. Create your own customized reference library of career-related editorial. Click the ‘Add as a Favorite’ link that appears under the title of each article. The article will be saved under the ‘My Working Nurse’ tab.

How do I submit an article for publication?

Send a query to help@WorkingNurse.com to the attention of Catherine Rhodes, editor and publisher.

How do I contact an author?
Again, help@WorkingWorld.com.


How do I purchase a job?
We use a system where credits are purchased to post jobs as needed. You can purchase between one and 25 credits. The more credits you buy, the more you save.

Do credits expire?

No. Credits do not expire. However, once a credit is used to post a job, that job will expire after 30 days on the site.

How do I know how many credits I have?
When in ‘My Working Nurse’ a box indicates the number of remaining credits. When you use all your credits, you will be prompted to purchase more.

How do I post a job?

Easy. Go to the ‘Post a Job’ tab and fill in the fields. When you complete the process, a credit will be deleted and the job will go live on the site for 30 days.

How do I add a graphic header to my jobs?

For a one-time flat fee of $150, a custom graphic header can be added to all of your postings. Go to ‘My Working World’ and select ‘Add Custom Header to Job Postings.’ After paying with a credit card, you will be directed to a window where you can upload your image.

What size should the graphic header be?
The image should be at least 657 pixels wide and 260 pixels tall, but the system will automatically resize your file to fit as long as long as it’s wide enough and less than 2 MB. The image should be 72-dpi in a GIF, JPG or PNG file.

Can I change or delete the graphic header?

Yes, once purchased, you may change it as often as you wish under the ‘My Working Nurse’ tab.


Is there a way to keep track of the jobs I’ve posted?
Yes. Under ‘My Working Nurse’ click on ‘Job Listings.’ You will see a list of your current jobs, along with dates posted and expiration status. Here you can manage each job — renew, edit, store or delete.

What happens when I renew a job?

You will be taken to the job posting fields so you can make any changes before reposting. When complete, a credit will be deleted from your account.

What happens when I edit a job?

You can edit the job description at any time during the 30-day life of the job. Editing your job will not impact the expiration and will not delete a credit.

What happens when I store a job?

If the position is filled and you don’t wish to receive more resumes, store the job for future use.

What happens when I delete a job?

It will be deleted permanently from the site.

Can I retrieve an expired job?

Yes. All expired jobs are stored to be renewed as needed. This is a very useful feature for HR pros who find themselves reposting the same jobs over again.

Does the site offer an internal applicant tracking system?

Yes. Click ‘Applicant History’ under the ‘My Working Nurse’ tab. You will see a list of job titles with the number of applications for each position. Clicking on this number shows a list of each applicant’s name, date applied, cover letter, resume and email address.

How can I edit my company profile?

Go to ‘My Working Nurse’ and update all information as needed, including changing a contact email address. This is very useful if the prior recruiter left and applicant emails need to be directed to you.


Can I purchase a banner ad?

Yes.There are two kinds of banners on our site: ‘Who’s Hiring’ links to your company’s jobs on the site and ‘Featured Advertisers’ links to your company’s web page. These banners appear on the left column of every page of the website on a rotating basis.

How much do banners cost?
The price can be negotiated. Call (213) 268-3261 or email help@WorkingNurse.com.

What size should the banner be?

The image should be at least 184 pixels wide, but the system will automatically resize your file to fit as long as it’s wide enough and less than 2 MB. The image should be 72-dpi in a GIF or JPG file.


What is Working Nurse magazine?

Working Nurse is a nursing magazine that combines job listings and nursing career-related editorial. Working Nurse was launched in 2003 and is direct-mailed to RNs with an active licence in Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino Counties. For further information about the company, see the ‘About Us’ and ‘Company History’ links at the bottom of this page.

How can I advertise in Working Nurse magazine?
Please click on the ‘Advertise’ link here for Working Nurse media rates and publication dates. Call (213) 268-3261 or email help@WorkingWorld.com and we will be happy to help with a space reservation. Online and print packages are available.

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