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Company History


Working World 344 CoverLong before Working Nurse, there was our sister publication, a free jobs mag called Working World.

If you had been walking near 7th and Fig in downtown LA. during the summer of 1988, you might have been handed a copy. Back then, we were a start-up operation and we distributed the magazine by passing it to people on street corners. Working World provides job opportunities and career-related articles for entry-level workers. (

The company was originally started by Catherine Rhodes — who still holds the title of editor and publisher —in her studio apartment. It is a classic American Dream story.

In 2003, Randy Goldring came on board as company president and we launched Working Nurse magazine as a sister publication. We figured our lively magazine format of combining job listings with career-related editorial would appeal to nurses, and it has! was launched April 2008. Thank you for being one of our visitors. If you like our site, please come back often and forward our link to your friends.

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Robert Noakes