RN Labor & Delivery - White Memorial - Los Angeles - 101623

Job Description

The Registered Nurse (RN), in collaboration with the physician and other health care providers, provides direct and indirect patient care. This is done through the use of the stability of the patient condition and professional practice process, (Patient stability model). The RN will carry out functions within the scope of their professional license. The RN will also establish short and long range goals for patient care which contribute to a continuum of care focus, and patient care will be delivered in accordance with the professional nursing process, and will result in the delivery of quality patient care.

The RN is accountable for the appropriate utilization of resources and adherence to performance improvement issues. The RN is responsible for providing care that addresses clinical, service and education outcomes of care. The job requires the employee to be responsible for the assessment, treatment care and education of patients of all ages from the neonate through the geriatric patient.

Consequently, the employee must be competent in the interpretation of a patient’s self-report, behavior and physical symptoms and this information must be interpreted with an understanding of the cognitive, physical, emotional, and chronological maturation process. The treatment of patients should be individualized and should reflect an understanding of the patient’s developmental, pathophysiological, cultural psychosocial and treatment needs for each patient.

Acts as the patient advocate, as circumstances require, by initiating action to improve health care or to change decisions or activities which are against the interests or wishes of the client, and by giving the client the opportunity to make informed decisions about health care before it is provided.


Bachelors degree is preferred

ACLS – Advanced Cardiac Life Support -required


1-2 years experience is required

Special Instructions