93 Percent of Nurses Like Their Job

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93 Percent of Nurses Like Their Job

Results from new Harris poll

By Elizabeth Hanink, RN, BSN, PHN
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Careerbuilder recently hired The Harris Poll to conduct a survey examining nurses’ attitudes about the current state of the nursing profession. Several highlights emerged:

1. More documentation, less patient care. Although direct patient care still accounts for a plurality of nurses’ time (38 percent), 41 percent of the 900 nurses surveyed feel they now spend less time on patient care than they did five years ago.  

2. Benefits of technology. Although nearly half (46 percent) of nurses surveyed believe technology has made patient care less personalized than in the past, 57 percent think technology-based tools help them do their jobs more effectively.

3. ACA worries. In general, nurses are not optimistic about the impact of the Affordable Care Act. Forty-seven percent feel that it will have a negative effect on the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of patient care.

4. Management, maybe. Many nurses say they’re uninterested in stepping into a management role. Thirty-seven percent of those surveyed say they’ve never worked in such a role and have no plans to advance their career in that direction.

5. Lateral moves. Fifty-seven percent of nurses surveyed do plan to move into a new area of nursing in the next five years. Of those, 54 percent say they want a better work/life balance and 43 percent are after better pay.

6. On-the-job training trumps degrees. Only 45 percent of nurses surveyed feel their nursing degree prepared them very well for clinical demands compared to the 51 percent of nurses who say informal, on-the-job training prepared them very well.

7. Job satisfaction. The point of greatest interest (and clearly the most important result) is that a whopping 93 percent of those surveyed say they’re satisfied with nursing. Eighty-five percent say they are unlikely ever to switch careers.   

This article is from workingnurse.com.

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