ANA Advocacy Tools for Nurses

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ANA Advocacy Tools for Nurses

RNAction lets you click to get involved

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Are you looking for an easy way to keep track of the latest news and political developments affecting nursing and healthcare? The ANA now offers several convenient online advocacy tools to help you stay informed and make your voice heard.

Lost in the Headlines?

The ANA encourages all nurses to play an active role in healthcare advocacy, letting lawmakers and regulators know how their proposals will really affect providers and patients. However, it can be challenging for busy nurses to follow the rapidly changing developments in Washington. While some healthcare debates make the national headlines, others can get lost in the chaos of our 24-hour news cycle.

You can cut through that clutter and keep abreast of important healthcare-related issues on the ANA’s “RNAction” website, which offers issue summaries, position statements and tools to help you to share your opinions with elected officials. 

Text Alerts

To get involved, go to From the homepage, you can view the ANA’s “Capitol Beat” blog; sign up for text or email alerts; or click on the “Action Center” link to reach out to your representatives on crucial issues. 

By clicking the “Add Your Voice” button on a specific issue, you can send emails directly to your senators and members of Congress. The tool provides suggested text, but you can also personalize or replace that message to express your position in your own words. Nurse advocacy doesn’t come much easier than that. 

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