Fifteen Years of Trust

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Fifteen Years of Trust

Nurses top Gallup poll of most trusted professions -- again!

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Most of us have familiar “comfort media” to which we return for a little reassurance and stability in uncertain times. For nurses, one such comforting perennial is the annual Gallup poll confirming that nurses are America’s most trusted profession.

Unchallenged Leadership

The latest nationwide poll, conducted in early December, found that 84 percent of American adults rate nurses’ ethical standards as “high” or “very high.” A mere 3 percent of respondents reported negative attitudes about nurses’ ethics — by far the smallest percentage of any of the professions included in the survey.

Not only do Americans have more confidence in nurses’ ethics than in the ethical standards of any other profession, the poll results show that nurses also remain the most trusted of the health professions. For the past two years, pharmacists and physicians have ranked a distant second and third respectively. In the 16 years that Gallup has included nursing in this poll, nurses have topped the list a remarkable 15 times.

A Call to Arms

ANA President Pamela F. Cipriano, RN, Ph.D., NEA-BC, FAAN, says the results reaffirm how important it is to include nurses in the development of healthcare policy, particularly with the future of healthcare reform now up for grabs. “I challenge those charged with making health policy at the facility, local, state and national levels to include the trusted voice of nurses at the decision-making table,” Cipriano says. “[G]iven nursing’s frontline perspective on healthcare delivery, we offer a point of view that is unmatched.”

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