How Happy Are California Nurses?

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How Happy Are California Nurses?

Report ranks conditions 21st in nation

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What’s the best state in the U.S. to be a nurse? Not California, says a new report from the consumer finance information website WalletHub.

The State of the States

The WalletHub report ranks conditions for nurses in all 50 states and the District of Columbia based on 15 weighted metrics, including financial considerations like median salary and cost of living, and work environment factors such as restrictions on mandatory overtime and conditions for working mothers. (Conditions for working fathers were unfortunately not included.)

We can take some consolation in knowing that while California wasn’t in the top tier for most metrics, our state was also far from the worst. California ranked 11th in opportunity and competition, 33rd in work environment and 21st overall.

California did score well in an unexpected area: projected competition for future nursing jobs. Based on Bureau of Labor Statistics projections, WalletHub estimates that by the year 2022, California will have fewer nurses per capita than any other state except Nevada and Alaska.

The report’s top three overall finishers were Washington, Colorado and Minnesota while the lowest-ranked were Kentucky, Hawaii and Louisiana. Interestingly, few states scored equally well in both the work environment and opportunity and competition rankings. For instance, Oklahoma, which was No. 1 in opportunity, ranked 45th in work environment.

Nursing Experts Speak Out

The report also includes commentary from nursing leaders across the country on issues like the impact of unions and the Affordable Care Act.

You can read those comments and see the full list of rankings at

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