New Site Rates Long-Term Care Services in California

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New Site Rates Long-Term Care Services in California

A free service to help residents choose the right path

By Beth Duggan
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Last month, the California HealthCare Foundation released a report that showed more Californians are choosing home-based long-term care services over nursing homes. This report coincided with unveiling of a new website sponsored by CHCF in partnership with the University of California, San Francisco, called CalQualityCare.

This free online service rates the care provided by the state’s nursing homes, hospice programs and home health agencies. It also gives information about alternative long-term care services such as assisted living, retirement communities and day care.

“There are thousands of long-term care choices in California, but the quality of care provided varies from superior to poor,” said Mark D. Smith, M.D., M.B.A. and president and CEO of CHCF, in an article published in California Healthline. “CalQualityCare gives consumers the information to help decide which providers will best meet their needs.”

This information is derived strictly from federal and state agencies, and, in an effort to keep the site bias-free — and hopefully motivate some providers to give better quality of care — there are no commercial ties to the content.

To see the results for yourself, go to To read CHCF’s report, “Long Term Care Facts and Figures,” go to  

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