New Tylenol Dosing

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New Tylenol Dosing

Acetaminophen is in over 100 products

By Elizabeth Hanink, RN, BSN, PHN
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The importance of careful dosing even with over-the-counter drugs is not lost on nurses. Johnson & Johnson, the maker of multiple acetaminophen products, is currently making multiple dosing and packaging changes, to prevent the misuse and overuse of one of the nation’s most popular drug ingredients.

Dangerous Consequences
Research has shown that acetaminophen, once thought to be benign and perfectly safe, is a leading cause of liver failure. Excessive use causes 200 deaths each year and sends 56,000 people to emergency rooms. Acetaminophen is present in so many products (over 100) that often consumers, even healthcare workers, do not understand how much is actually being taken. Especially with drugs like Vicodin and Percocet, where the acetaminophen is listed as APAP rather than acetaminophen, confusion can occur.

Maximum Daily Dose Change

One change that is now in force is the reduction in the recommended amount of Extra-Strength Tylenol. Where before the maximum dosage was to be 4,000 mg per 24-hour period, the new recommended dose is 3,000 mg — a total of six pills per day down from eight. Early in this year the recommended dosing for regular Tylenol will also decrease.

Concentrations of infant and children’s Tylenol is also changing and because this is being done without a recall, parents are being cautioned by the company and the FDA to check dosing carefully and give according to the bottle in hand, not according to another older or newer bottle.

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