Nurses at 32 Catholic Healthcare West Hospitals Get a New Contract

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Nurses at 32 Catholic Healthcare West Hospitals Get a New Contract

And a 20 percent wage increase

By Beth Duggan
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Registered nurses in California and Nevada claimed a victory on Nov. 23 when it was announced that Catholic Healthcare West and the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee reached an agreement that gave nurses at 32 CHW-affiliated hospitals — 28 in California, four in Nevada — a four-year contract that includes a 20 percent wage increase.

“We're proud to join with the CNA in reaching agreements that are good for our nurses and our healing ministry,” Ernie Urquhart, senior vice president and chief human resources officer for CHW, said in a news release. “These agreements highlight our unwavering and nationally recognized commitment to all of our patients and staff.”

The contract will also create a team of nurses and hospital representatives that will ensure an adequate level of preparedness for the H1N1 virus and future health contagions; set standards across the system that meet guidelines at local, state and federal levels; and supervise access to protective equipment, communication and training policies.

“Registered nurses from throughout California and Nevada have stood together to protect our communities and our patients,” said Nurse Allen Fitzpatrick in a press release from St. Mary’s Medical Center in San Francisco. “Our unity has been essential to achieving a novel agreement that we think will help patients, nurses and our communities now and in the future.”  

(Sources: Sacramento Bee Journal, Catholic Healthcare West)  

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