On the Quick: Ideas for Celebrating National Nurses Week

On The Quick

On the Quick: Ideas for Celebrating National Nurses Week

By Elizabeth Hanink, RN, BSN, PHN
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National Nurse Day is May 6 and kicks off the annual celebration of National Nurses Week. The American Nurses Association, which sponsors both, has announced this year’s logo and slogan. It is a good one and very fitting: Nurses Trusted to Care. The wording reflects a distinct honor. Since being added to the list of the yearly Gallup poll for every year but one, nursing has held the number one place in the public’s minds and hearts as the most trusted profession. How to celebrate as nurses? The ANA has several suggestions:

•    Sponsor a positive event that highlights nursing activity in the community. You could organize a health fair, or on a more modest scale, a prevention screening for hypertension or cholesterol.

•    Your hospital could sponsor a child-centered poster or coloring contest with themes that reflect nursing.*

•    A politician spending the day with some of your organization’s nurses would be a wonderful way to educate legislators who determine funding, and at the same time might provide a media bonus to your facility.

•    Your mayor could be asked to issue a proclamation that publicizes the week.

•    You could write a letter to your local newspaper addressing various nursing issues as they relate to current events, like the budget, healthcare reform, or trends that affect the profession.

•    Stage an in-facility event that focuses on the nursing staff — a special lunch or dinner that honors the particular service or dedication of one of the nurses.

•    Raise money for a good cause through a walk-a-thon that is held by nurses during the week.

For more tips and history, check out the ANA site at www.nursingworld.org.

This article is from workingnurse.com.

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