RN Day at the Capitol 2018

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RN Day at the Capitol 2018

Lobby with the ANAC in Sacramento

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Are you paying attention to state legislation that could affect nurses? You should be — and this April, the ANACalifornia is giving you a face-to-face opportunity to let your legislators know how you feel.

Focus on Sacramento

With the rapid pace of national politics, local issues can easily fall off the radar. However, state legislation can have a dramatic effect on nursing practice — sometimes more immediately and more profoundly than any change on the federal level.

On Monday, April 9, the ANAC will hold its annual RN Day at the California State Capitol in Sacramento. Attendees will sit in on key committee meetings, meet with state representatives about current issues and learn more about how the California Legislature functions. The goal is to help nurses better understand the process so they can play a greater role in legislative advocacy at the state level.

This year’s event will feature as keynote speaker the well-known TV personality Nurse Alice: Alice Benjamin, RN, MSN, ACNS-BC, a past member of the ANAC board and a regular guest on talk shows like “Dr. Drew” and “Dr. Oz.”

Calling All Students

You can register for RN Day through March 30. The cost is $40 for ANAC members (who also get lunch at no additional charge) and $55 for nonmember RNs. If you’re a nursing instructor, you can register for free if you bring five or more of your students to the event. The cost for each pre-licensure nursing student is $25. For more information, to register for the event or to order an RN Day T-shirt, visit www.anacalifornia.org.

Photo above: Keynote speaker for RN DAY 2017 was Kelley Johnson, RN, BSN, who launched the “Show Me Your Stethoscope” movement after being lambasted on “The View” in 2015 for wearing a “doctor’s stethoscope.”

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