The ANA Needs Your Opinions

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The ANA Needs Your Opinions

Call for award nominations and public comment

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The American Nurses Association is currently looking for input: public comments on two important new position statements as well as nominations for the organization’s biennial nursing awards.

2017 Nursing Award Nominations

If you’re a member of the ANA and/or ANAC and you know an extraordinary nurse who deserves one of the ANA’s prestigious awards, nominations are now open through Monday, October 2. The ANA has 14 biennial awards, honoring nursing excellence in a variety of areas, from direct patient care and public health to lifetime achievement. Certain awards are open to groups of nurses as well as individuals.

Although male nurses are eligible for all of the individual awards, there’s also the Luther Christman Award, which specifically recognizes the achievements of distinguished male RNs.

Nomination Process

You should be aware that the nomination process is more complicated than simply dropping a name in a hat. In fact, the process is more akin to a job application. You’ll need the nominee’s resume; up to five letters of support or other written validations; and a completed nomination form. The ANA’s Committee on Honorary Awards may contact you to verify any information you submit.

The committee will review the nominations during the month of October and then present its recommendations to the ANA board, which will make the final determination in early December. The board will notify winners later that month.  Honorees will be announced at the ANA’s 2018 Membership Assembly meeting, which will be held in Washington, D.C., next June 22–23. 

For more information about the individual awards as well as nomination forms and an awards program guide explaining the nomination process, visit

Call for Public Comment

As most nurses know, the ANA periodically issues position statements defining the organization’s official stance on key issues affecting the nursing profession or healthcare in general. The ANA recently published two new draft statements and is now calling for public comment on both.

The first statement is entitled “Nursing Advocacy for Gender Diverse Populations.” It addresses the ANA’s commitment to “the elimination of health disparities and discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity or expression within healthcare settings.” 

The second draft statement is entitled “A Call to Action: Cultivating Moral Resilience and a Culture of Ethical Practice.” It addresses the problem of “moral distress” — the stress of being required to act contrary to what you believe is right in a given situation — and the need to help nurses develop their resilience so that this distress doesn’t lead to burnout.

Spread the Word

Unlike the award nominations, you don’t need to be an ANA member to comment on these position statements. The organization encourages nurses to share the drafts with “colleagues, students, healthcare consumers and other stakeholders” in order to generate as much constructive feedback as possible. The deadline for comments on both papers is 2 p.m. Pacific (5 p.m. Eastern) on Friday, September 15.

You can find the position drafts and their respective comment forms at

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