When New Grads Cannot Find Work

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When New Grads Cannot Find Work

State program helps nurses keep skills current

By Elizabeth Hanink, RN, BSN, PHN
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Despite the nursing shortage and a slowly improving economy, it still remains difficult for new graduates to find entry-level nursing jobs. To help, California’s Health Workforce Initiative, in collaboration with community college nursing schools, recently announced a new Transition to Practice Program for licensed registered nurses who have not yet found employment.

Building a resume
The program’s purpose is to provide new RNs with preceptor-guided clinical experience to help maintain their skills until employed and build a history of relevant work experience. In addition to improving nurses’ employability, the initiative offers employers an opportunity to recommend candidates whom the employer would like to hire but for whom they lack a suitable current opening.

The program will last 10 to 12 weeks, during which the RN will be evaluated three times by a preceptor/instructor. Areas of emphasis will include high-risk, low-volume patient conditions; reflective journaling and debriefing; clinical judgment; quality improvement; and decision-making in patient care.

Are you eligible?
The program will target nurses who have been out of school for less than 12 months and have obtained a license, but cannot find employment. Because the program is state-funded, only graduates of state-supported schools will be eligible. Participants will be eligible for workers’ compensation and liability insurance during the program, but the preceptorships will be unpaid.

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