Men In Nursing 2020

Devon Denholm, Education Coordinator, Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare

Looking back on this year, what have been the biggest changes in your practice?

My career started only two years ago, so the most significant change has been the transition from being a student nurse to being a competent nurse, learning how to take initiative and proactively advocate for my patients.

Tell us about the most inspirational thing you’ve experienced as a nurse during this pandemic.

A local physician who was a frontline worker combating COVID-19 became severely ill with the virus earlier this year. He experienced multi-organ failure and cardiac arrest that resulted in brain injury. To make matters even worse, he had countless complicated infections requiring intensive antibiotic therapy. Against the odds, he was able to come off the ventilator and was transferred to Casa Colina for rehabilitation.

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When he first came in, he was struggling with speech and memory issues and had difficulty with self-care. By the time he was discharged, he was able to hold conversations and required only minimal assistance with routine activities. The emotion expressed by this patient, his family and those involved in his care as he was wheeled out of the hospital to go home will always be among the most memorable moments of my career.

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What nonmedical support from family, friends or the general public has been most appreciated?

I have not been able to see my family or friends as much, but I have come to more fully appreciate the time we have together. We support each other through phone calls, FaceTime and texts. Many old friends have reached out to check in. My relationships with my coworkers have also been strengthened as we navigate the uncertainties together.

How have you grown as a nurse since you started working in this profession?

Progressing in my career has also fostered growth in my personal life, strengthening my communication skills and giving me the confidence to treat people I do not know with the same compassion I do my family.

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