Michael Negrete, Perioperative Nurse, PIH Health Downey

Looking back on this year, what have been the biggest changes in your practice?

Social distancing. I used to give all my patients a good handshake and converse closely to avoid HIPAA issues, but with COVID-19, we’ve had to be more distant. We’re also having to speak louder due to voices being muffled by masks. It can be very hard to hear when wearing a PAPR hood and other protective gear.

Tell us about the most inspirational thing you’ve experienced as a nurse during this pandemic.

It’s really the small things that come at the right times. I came home one day to a very nicely decorated front-yard tree with a sign that read, “We love our nurses, thank you.” The sign has since fallen, but the pretty blue ribbon still remains, in the place where my yellow ribbon (I was in the military and deployed in ‘04–‘05) once blew in the wind.

Nursing Education

What nonmedical support from family, friends or the general public has been most appreciated?

I’d say the mental support we provide one another by reaching out, sharing the love, and keeping each other informed of what other family and friends are doing.

Hiring Now

How have you grown as a nurse since you started working in this profession?

I remember my first days as a new grad. I was happy and nervous at the same time, so afraid of causing harm through my lack of experience. Asking questions, taking notes and having great mentors helped me grow exponentially. Now, I aim to provide the same to others. The main advice I give is to always take time to learn a little something more about your patient, never give up, keep your game face on and hustle, but don’t be afraid to laugh and cry.

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