Januar Ma, Emergency Department, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

Looking back on this year, what have been the biggest changes in your practice?

The biggest change is in how vigilant we are when it comes to safety. In the ER, we make sure people are wearing the appropriate PPE, donning and doffing it properly, having a second person assist from the outside if possible and making sure to wipe everything down. Our hospital is not designed for such a pandemic, but nurses quickly adapt to change and make it safer for everyone.

Tell us about the most inspirational thing you’ve experienced as a nurse during this pandemic.

Social media has played a huge role in collaboration and sharing ideas among nurses. For instance, IV poles and pumps are supposed to be inside the patient’s room, but someone had the idea to add extension IV tubing and place the pump outside the patient’s room. After a picture was shared on social media, the idea caught on across the county, helping other nurses conserve their PPE.

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What nonmedical support from family, friends or the general public has been most appreciated?

I want to say thank you to the communities that have supported hospitals during this pandemic, including local churches and organizations who have donated masks and all the local restaurants who have donated food for healthcare workers. My stomach thanks you!

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How have you grown as a nurse since you started working in this profession?

I have grown quickly, but I couldn’t have done it without those who believed in me from the start and took that risk on a young, inexperienced nurse. Although I had my doubts, I would not be where I am today without them. I want to make them proud of me for giving me that chance.

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