CNO Roundtable 2023

Question 5: New Technology

What’s a new technology you think will be commonplace in 10 years?

The panel discusses some healthcare technological advancements that are relatively new at present, but may be taken for granted by nurses 10 years from now, the way EHRs are today.

Annabelle Duschane Braun, MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center

Robotics will aid the nursing front lines by reducing monotonous tasks, such as transporting, cleaning, and disinfecting equipment; medication management; and greeting visitors. Having these tasks provided by robots may provide nurses more time to spend with their patients.

Anita Girard, Cedars-Sinai

I think virtual nursing will be commonplace, with nurses working on an inpatient unit one week and acting as virtual admissions nurses the next. Wouldn’t it be great if new grads could discuss clinical conditions in real time with a virtual nurse on their iPad?

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Joyce Leido, Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center

Telehealth has been evolving at a rapid pace, with the potential to improve access to care, reduce costs, and improve health outcomes. It will undoubtedly play a critical role in transforming the ways we connect with our patients.

Nursing Education

Jinhee Nguyen, Adventist Health Glendale

Ten years from now, I see artificial intelligence (AI) fully integrated in how we care for patients, reducing the workload, and providing improved patient monitoring. We currently use an AI program called KATE, which has drastically improved sepsis outcomes.

Tanya Osborne-McKenzie, MLK Community Healthcare

I am hoping virtual nursing will take on greater importance. An experienced virtual nurse, with the ability to see and hear the patient and access to the patient’s record, could provide an additional layer of support for novice nurses, improving patient outcomes. ■

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