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Wanted Support Group Facilitators

BRN seeks RNs with mental health or substance abuse experience

Do you want to help other RNs recovering from substance abuse or mental health issues? The BRN is looking for qualified facilitators for nurse support groups.

Supporting Other Nurses

Nurse support groups are an important part of the BRN’s intervention program for RNs whose practice is impaired by substance use or other mental health problems. These groups provide regular opportunities for nurses to share their experiences and help one another.

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With dozens of support groups throughout the state, most meeting weekly, the BRN needs qualified nurses to facilitate or co-facilitate each group. The facilitator’s role is to lead the group, keep discussions on track, provide interventions and referrals in the event of a crisis and complete the group’s various official reports.

Facilitator Requirements

To become a facilitator, you must be a currently licensed RN, not on probation and with no pending charges. You need at least three years of substance abuse or mental health experience, including some prior group process experience. Naturally, you must also believe in the 12-step and disease models and agree to maintain participants’ confidentiality.

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