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CSUN Certificate in Perioperative Nursing

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Earn Your Certificate in Perioperative Nursing

This eight-week certificate program prepares you for a career in perioperative (OR) nursing. Designed for working nurses, the program’s curriculum is based on the field’s highest standards and features twelve hours of weekly clinical practice.In this program, you’ll learn:·      

  • The perioperative nursing process through all phases of surgery·      
  • Aseptic techniques, instrumentation, and equipment operation·      
  • Anesthesia and medication safety·      
  • Prevention of injuries and wound management·      
  • Communication methods to collaborate with surgical teams·      
  • Ethical, legal and sociocultural principles related to perioperative nursing   

Course work includes lectures, classroom activities, online modules, simulations and clinical practice.

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California University Northridge (CSUN) Tseng College’s carefully crafted programs provide the distinctive and powerful educational experiences that working professionals need to play meaningful roles in fast-changing industries. Our curriculum blends theory, research, and advanced practice to help you stand apart and thrive in today’s highly competitive marketplace. 

About CSUN Certificate in Perioperative Nursing


  • Apply for Fall 2024
  • Program mode: Hybrid | Cohort format
  • Program duration: 8 weeks
  • No GRE Required

Of the 25 nursing specialties, perioperative is the sixth highest in demand and is expected to grow by 20%. It pays more as well: the average OR nurse’s salary is 25% higher than that of a registered nurse.

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