AHRQ Launches Innovation Exchange Website

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AHRQ Launches Innovation Exchange Website

See if a new idea will work for you

By Elizabeth Hanink, RN, BSN, PHN
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The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has created a new resource on the web called the Health Care Innovations Exchange where everyone can share in the good news.

To help visitors decide whether a new idea will work for them, the site offers documentation, summaries and ratings based on scientific evaluation standards. New items appear every two weeks, and even flops or “innovation attempts” make the grade.

You can browse by disease and clinical category, domains of quality, settings, patient population, stage of care and organizational process. For instance, if you are interested in outpatient care of Alaskan Natives, you can scan entries without scrolling through developments that affect African Americans seen in urban ERs.

Multiple links add to the usefulness of the site. Podcasts and webinars allow everyone to participate and give healthcare workers access to different perspectives, including insights from the literature, practitioners and experts.

You can also participate as a contributor. AHRQ is looking for new ideas directly or indirectly affecting patient care, simple or complicated. Your brainstorm should be truly innovative, publicly available, and there should be sufficient reason to think it would be effective. Priorities include those projects that have the potential for high impact, involve vulnerable populations, and especially those that received AHRQ funding. If your discovery was a group effort all members of the team need to agree to participation. The Innovations Exchange will even invite some contributors to serve as faculty for educational events.  

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