Superheroes of Nursing

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Superheroes of Nursing

Is the nurse next to you a validator, achiever, educator or protector?

By Elizabeth Hanink, RN, BSN, PHN
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Elsevier, the nation’s leading provider of medical information products and services, has announced its second annual search for “Superheroes of Nursing.” Elsevier will be looking for nurses who fit one of four superheroic categories: the validator, the achiever, the educator and the protector. In each case, the nurse should have a strong record of battling the villainous “Obstructo,” whom Elsevier introduced this year to represent everything that gets in the way of effective patient care, including “inconsistent information, uncertain answers and uninformed patients.”

Nominate your Peers

“Nursing brings a new set of challenges to all who practice, and sometimes being recognized by your peers is a great way for those in the profession to come together, share their ‘war stories’ and appreciate one another’s efforts,” says Barbara Nelson Cullen, vice president of strategy and content development at Elsevier.

The contest will run through August. To nominate a deserving nurse, videos, photos and essays can be submitted via the Mosby’s Nursing Suite Facebook page at Elsevier will select those submissions that best represent each of the four different categories, and the winners will be chosen from those candidates by Facebook fans. The winners will be announced during this year’s American Nursing Credentialing Center Magnet Conference, to be held October 10 through 12 in Los Angeles.

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