The Top Seven Reasons to Love Nursing

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The Top Seven Reasons to Love Nursing

A welcome reminder of all the profession has to offer

By Working Nurse
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Earlier this year, the website Med Career News, which publishes news and advice for various healthcare professions, released a list of the top seven pluses of a nursing career. Although aimed at job seekers, the list is a welcome reminder of everything the profession has to offer.

Here’s what Med Career News identified as the seven biggest advantages of nursing:

1. Personal Satisfaction

Some jobs enhance your overall happiness and well-being. A 2015 AMN Healthcare survey of almost 9,000 RNs found that while they aren’t immune to work-related stress, 85 percent of nurses feel they’ve made the right career choice.

2.  Job Security

Nursing is said to be “recession-proof.” While job openings aren’t always abundant — especially for new grads — there’s no question that healthcare employers will always need nurses. Unlike many professions today, nursing jobs aren’t easily outsourced or exported.

3.  Respect

A Gallup poll conducted last December found that nurses are — yet again — the nation’s most trusted profession, outpacing physicians by 18 percentage points. Having the esteem of one’s friends, family and colleagues is very life-affirming.

4.  Pay

Money is not everything, but it counts for a lot. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income for California RNs (as of May 2015) is a healthy $67,490. For nurses with diagnostic and treatment responsibilities, like nurse practitioners, the median is close to $100,000. For nurse anesthetists, the highest-paid nursing specialty, the median annual salary is $157,140.

5. Flexibility

Many jobs, particularly ones that pay as well as nursing does, lock you into a 9-to-5, Monday-through-Friday routine. Nursing offers a much broader range of scheduling options, from late shifts for night owls to per diem flexibility.

6. Entry to Profession

While the trend is toward BSN-prepared new graduates, nursing is among the few well-paying professions that are still accessible to people who don’t (yet) have a four-year degree.

7.  Career Options

Nursing offers an abundance of specialties and options, whether your passion is for direct patient care, leadership, research, education or advocacy. If your current position isn’t working for you, a new start doesn’t have to mean starting over.

The stress and distractions of the day to day can make it easy to focus on the downside of the work. It’s worth taking a moment every now and then to remember the upside, and to reconnect with the reasons why you chose nursing in the first place. 

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