CNO Roundtable 2024

Question 4: Social Media

How can nurse leaders encourage their staff to use social media in a more positive way?

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Danielle Gabele / VCMC and Santa Paula Hospital

Right now, negative messages about nursing seem to outweigh the positives on social media, but if nurses used it to illuminate the contributions nurses make, we could completely change the narrative. I encourage our nurses to highlight the great work they do (when appropriate). I love to network with other nurses online and send a positive thought or emoji.

Anna Gonzales / Regal Medical Group

Social media can be a powerful tool, but it is important to remind nurses that it may have widespread, long-lasting consequences. Being mindful of privacy settings, refraining from posting sensitive information or opinions that reflect poorly on the organization, and adhering to guidelines are essential for responsible social media use.

Katie Hughes / Casa Colina Hospital and Centers for Healthcare

Social media is a double-edged sword: It can facilitate networking, professional development, and health promotion, but it blurs the lines between people’s personal and professional lives, which can be problematic. It is important to post carefully, and always avoid content that is unprofessional, unethical, or illegal.

Darlene Scafiddi / Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center

We harness our social media to share positive experiences within our organization, including achievements like certification and advanced degrees. This boosts morale and encourages other nurses to pursue growth opportunities.

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