June 2024

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Cover of Working Nurse magazine, July/August 2024.

June 2024

Cover of the May issue of Working Nurse magazine with photos of 20 chief nursing officers

May 2024

Cover of the April issue with a nurse in blue scrubs leaning on a counter.

April 2024

Cover of February issue of Working Nurse. Bright yellow with Zhytomyr Hospital Challenge in bold red letters

February 2024

Mary Reed from Keck USC Hospital wearing red scrubs, smiling, posed outside.

January 2024

Cover of the Nov 15, 2023 Men in Nursing Issue. Shows photos of 15 male nurses.

Nov/Dec 2023

Statue of Florence Nightingale located in London against a blue background

October 2023

An operating room nurse stands in fronf of a bed in a surgical theater.

September 2023

Nurse wearing an olive green jacket sitting at desk in front of laptop

July/August 2023

Smiling US Air Force nurse in fatigues with a stethoscope around her neck crosses her arms.

June 2023